Manzanita Charter Middle School

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Charter Schools

Manzanita Charter Middle School

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a public school that is self-governing and is organized by parents, teachers and other community members who prefer to provide alternatives to the current public school programs and practices. The California Department of Education encourages charter school development as a means of supporting progressive educational approaches. Each charter school is bound by a charter document, written by its developers and approved by a local school board. Charter schools receive the same amount of money per student from the State of California that other schools in the local school district receive and do not charge tuition.

What Makes Manzanita Charter Middle School Unique?

Manzanita is a small middle school with a strong commitment to excellence in academics and the arts taught within a secure and nurturing community. We also focus on the developmental and social needs of adolescents. Manzanita is a family cooperative.

What is a Family Cooperative?

A family cooperative is based on the idea that parents and guardians play a key role in the education of their children. Parents and teachers work together to create and maintain the school and are directly responsible for its operation. The children benefit because of parental / family support, frequent contact with other adult role models, greater opportunities for feedback, more potential help in the classroom, and an increased opportunity for all students' learning styles to be addressed. Students feel nurtured and part of a healthy community. Because parents do the maintenance and janitorial work, field trip driving and a portion of the administrative work, the school can use money traditionally spent on these expenses to enhance classroom resources. Parents bring a wide array of expertise to each classroom, allowing for opportunities to share skills and further enhance the academic program.

Manzanita is looking for students whose families see themselves as active and important participants in their children's learning.

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